19’S/S Week2 Supreme/Timberland

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    ・S Logo Colorblocked Hooded 30240 (25%, 2,921 票)
    ・Le Luxe Hooded Sweatshirt 27000 (12%, 1,382 票)
    ・Stars Puffy Jacket 30240 (11%, 1,239 票)

  • ・Penco Tape Measure 2700 (7%, 838 票)
    ・Ghost Rider Raglan L/S Top 16200 (7%, 817 票)
    ・S Logo Colorblocked Sweatshort 21600 (7%, 788 票)
    ・Vanson Ghost Rider Jacket 237600 (6%, 699 票)

  • ・Timberland 3-Eye Classic Lug Shoe 27000 (5%, 575 票)
    ・Cloud Arc Tee 11880 (4%, 406 票)

  • ・Blood Lust Mesh Back 5-Panel 7020 (2%, 278 票)

  • ・Tonal Logo Beanie 5400 (2%, 270 票)
    ・Zip Car Jacket 31320 (2%, 250 票)

  • ・Washed Linen Camp Cap 8640 (2%, 227 票)
    ・Needlepoint Patch L/S Top 14040 (2%, 224 票)
    ・Stripe Twill Shirt 19440 (2%, 223 票)
    ・Marble Hooded Sweatshirt 28080 (2%, 206 票)
    ・Vanson Ghost Rider Pant 162000 (2%, 192 票)

投票者数: 11,535

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-*-Week2’s List-*-
Supreme®/Vanson Leathers® Ghost Rider© Jacket 220,000 (237,600-tax in)
Custom fit competition weight cowhide leather with cotton blend lining. Full zip closure with hand pockets and interior pockets. Leather cut-out graphics on front, back and sleeves with logo patches on sleeves. Made exclusively for Supreme.

Stars Puffy Jacket 28,000 (30,240-tax in)

Water resistant nylon taslan with fill and quilted lining. Full zip closure with snap placket and hand pockets at lower front. Removable hood with satin appliqué logo on back.

Zip Car Jacket 29,000 (31,320-tax in)
Wool blend with fill and quilted taffeta lining. Full zip closure with zip pockets at lower front and chest.

Stripe Twill Shirt 18,000 (19,440-tax in)
All cotton twill

Ghost Rider© Raglan L/S Top 15,000 (16,200-tax in)
All cotton jersey

Needlepoint Patch L/S Top 13,000 (14,040-tax in)
All cotton jersey with needlepoint patch.

Cloud Arc Tee 11,000 (11,880-tax in)
All cotton slub jersey

Marble Hooded Sweatshirt 26,000 (28,080-tax in)
Cotton fleece

Le Luxe Hooded Sweatshirt 25,000 (27,000-tax in)
Cotton fleece with embroidered logo.

S Logo Colorblocked Hooded Sweatshirt 28,000 (30,240-tax in)
Cotton fleece with embroidered logo.

Supreme®/Vanson Leathers® Ghost Rider© Pant 150,000 (162,000-tax in)
Custom fit competition weight cowhide leather with cotton blend lining. Leather cut-out graphics on front and side with logo patches on waist. Made exclusively for Supreme.

S Logo Colorblocked Sweatshort 20,000 (21,600-tax in)
Cotton fleece with embroidered logo.

Washed Linen Camp Cap 8,000 (8,640-tax in)

Blood Lust Mesh Back 5-Panel 6,500 (7,020-tax in)

Tonal Logo Beanie 5,000 (5,400-tax in)

Supreme®/Penco® Tape Measure 2,500 (2,700-tax in)

Stainless steel alloy. Measures up to 6′.

Supreme®/BAND-AID® Brand ※日本未発売
Box of 20 adhesive bandages.

※Week2 (1st Collab)
3-Eye Classic Lug Shoe 25,000 (27,000-tax in)
・オンライン 3/9
・国内各店 3/9

The Shoe Features :
・Handsewn Calf Hair Upper
・Leather Lining
・Rubber Lug Outsole
・Offered in Two Color Ways (Leopard & Black)

Supreme / Timberland

Supreme/Nike Air Max Tailwind
(Official Image)